What is Team Treasure in Royal Match (Things to Know)

Team Treasure is a limited time event in Royal Match. This event gives the opportunity to win great rewards.

How to join Team Treasure in Royal Match?

Team Treasure

To play Team Treasure in Royal Match, you need to be a part of one team. If you have not joined any team yet, check out our Royal Match Teams guide here.

To play in TeamTreasure, you must first reach level 23. You cannot win a reward until you contribute to your team’s total number of ship wheels collected.

In the TeamTreasure event screen and below the team info bar, TeamTreasure bar shown. And, by tapping this bar, you can check things to collect and start playing this event.

TeamTreasure bar shows your team progress, and by completing event actions, your team can fill up this progress bar.

Things to know: Team Treasure Royal Match

  • Time limited event.
  • There are 3 steps. each steps own ship wheel goal and rewards.
  • To unlock chests, players need to get ship wheels by completing levels.
  • All obtained ship wheels are recorded in the team score, and chests can be opened as goals are met.
  • If players change teams during the event, they don’t get rewards.
  • Teamwork is the key to winning a Team Treasure event.

Note: the rewards for Team Treasure might be changed dependent on the achievement of the team.

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