What is Book of Treasure in Royal Match

This guide will provide you with information of the Book of Treasure Event. You will learn about the Book of Treasure Event, how to activate and how to play.

What is Book of Treasure Event?

Book of Treasure is a event in Royal Match 2021. In the event, you need to collect specific items to earn rewards. Book of Treasure is limited time event. Event required 28 and above Levels for participation.

The event is separated into steps. Each stage has a distinct goal: pick up a certain quantity of red book icons.

Book of Treasure

How to play Book of Treasure Event?

Player collect books by clearing them from a level. The books you collect in a level impact your overall score. Hard and Super Hard levels award player with extra books.

When you reach the book goal for a step, you receive a reward and on to the next step. When Player complete all of the event’s steps, Player will win the Grand Prize.

If you lose or quit a level, the books you collected during the level are not counted towards Book of Treasure event.

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