What is King’s Cup Event in Royal Match?

King’s Cup is a time-limited tournament in the Royal Match game. You will learn about the King’s Cup and how to participate.

What is King’s Cup Event?

King's Cup Event

King’s Cup is a time limited solo event in Royal match. The King’s Cup event in which 50 players compete against one another. Beating a level earns you a cup during the competition. The amount of cups collected by each player will determine their ranking.

Players can see their tournament ranks by tapping the King’s Cup symbol on the Home screen.
Multiple cups can be acquired from the Hard and Super Hard stages.

When the event is active, it begins automatically after completing a level. Starting the event also grants the player 30 minutes of infinite lives.

How can I enter King’s Cup?

To participate in the King’s Cup Event, you must first reach level 25. You can enter the King’s Cup after completing a level. Entering the King’s Cup tournament requires an active internet connection.

Note: Every King’s Cup event is separate, and you cannot transfer your cups to next King’s Cup event.

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