Dragon Nest Event in Royal Match

This guide will provide you with information on the Dragon Nest Event. You will learn about the how to activate and how to play.

What is Dragon Nest Event?

Dragon Nest is a new event in Royal Match 2023. In the event, you need to raise 4 dragons for rewards. DragonNest is limited time event. Event required 76 and above Levels for participation.

Players can raise four dragons during the time-limited event called DragonNest. During the active Dragon Nest event, Royal Match locates another player to help you grow Dragon.

Dragon Nest

How to play Dragon Nest Event?

Players can gather Magic Balls, By completing levels and other events. Hard and Super Hard levels award players with extra Magic Balls.

Players may progress the Dragon in the minigame by gathering Magic Tokens through the use of Magic Balls.

Every dragon has 3 phases. After finishing a stage, players advance to the next one after receiving the stage’s reward.

Players can claim the Special DragonNest frame and the Grand Prize after they have finished all four Dragons’ stages.

Note: After finishing Dragon Nest, players will not be able to use any more Magic Balls.

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