How does Lava Quest Event work in Royal Match?

Royal Match Lava Quest Event Guide includes details about Lava Quest event. Event detail, how to play tips, required level and event rewards.

What is the Lava Quest Event in Royal Match?

Lava Quest is a new event in Royal Match 2023. In the event, you need to beat 7 consecutive levels on their first try.

When the event is live, Royal Match finds 99 competitors for you and a battle is activated. you must successfully complete seven straight levels on your first attempt for win rewards.

Players will win the Lava Quest if they complete 7 straight levels on their first attempt.
Equal shares of the 10,000 coin grand prize are given to each winner. Player that don’t pass a level won’t pass the challenge.

Lava Quest Event

How can Player participate in Lava Quest?

  • Lava Quest requires you to be at least level 66 in order to play.
  • Tapping the “Start” button on the Lava Quest information screens will allow you to take part in the game.
  • When you have an online connection, you can play Lava Quest.
  • After 30 minutes, you can begin another task if you are unable to complete Lava Quest.

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