What is Duke’s Fortune in Royal Match (Things to Know)

Royal Match Duke’s Fortune Event Guide includes details about duke’s fortune event. Event detail, how to play tips, required level and event rewards.

Duke’s Fortune Event in Royal Match

Duke’s Fortune is a new thrilling event in Royal Match 2024. There are multiple steps in the time-limited Dukes Fortune event. Every step has a unique Golden Bone objective and reward.

Duke's Fortune

How to play Duke’s Fortune Event?

Player need to be at least level 86 to participate in Duke’s Fortune Event. The event money, Fortune Tokens, can be obtained by beating game levels. You get extra tokens on Hard and Super Hard levels.

To spin the slot machine, use the Fortune Tokens you have gathered. You can win other prizes, event reward points, and Golden Bones by doing this.

The event is broken down into steps or stages, each of which has a Golden Bone goal. To receive the matching reward, reach the goal.

The Grand Prize for the event will be yours if you successfully complete every phase.

Note: When players complete all steps, the event ends, and the icon disappears from the homepage.

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