Royal Match Space Mission Event Guide

Royal Match Space Mission Event Guide includes details about Space Mission event. Event detail, how to play tips, required level and event rewards.

What is the Space Mission Event in Royal Match?

Space Mission is a new event in Royal Match 2022. In the event, you need to battle with other competitors for rewards.

When the event is live, Royal Match finds a for you and a battle is activated. You need to play the game win battles and rewards.

The Space Mission event have different 3 stages and and the number of competitors changes for each stage.

Space Mission

How to play Space Mission Event?

When the Space Mission event is live, Royal Match finds a competitors for you and a battle is activated.

Next, you need to open the Space Mission event popup and tap “Start” button to start battle.

Space Mission is weekly limited time event. Event required 51 and above Levels for participation. Players must complete each level on their first try before other competitors in the group.

Event stage winner is the first person who finish the stage and beat the necessary number of consecutive levels. The stage winner advances to the next stage, and all other players re-start the same stage.

Player who finish all stage than player will stay at the last stage until the end of the event.

Player who loss stage they will not be sent back to the lower stage; instead, they will be able to start at the same stage in the next competition.

Space Mission event rewards

Royal Play Space Mission event have different rewards for each stage in the event. In event rewards, you can win free Rocket, TNT, Light Ball, Royal Hammer, Arrow, Cannon, Jester Hat and more.

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