Royal Match Boosters list (Complete Guide)

Do you want to know about Royal Match Boosters? Here is a list of All Boosters for you.

There are 7 main Boosters in Match Master. All these Boosters are divided in 2 categories, i.e, Rocket, TNT, and Light Ball, Royal Hammer,Arrow, Cannon and Jester Hat boosters.

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Following are different Boosters available in the Royal Match game. Most Boosters require level 7 to activate.

Royal Match Boosters list

Pre-Level Boosters

Royal Match Boosters

Before Starting a level you can chosen pre-level booster. That’s helpful if you know a particularly tough level is coming up. The Pre-Level Boosters are much more common but have less of a significant impact.

  • Rocket :- Combine four tiles of the same color during a level.
  • TNT :- Combine five tiles of the same color in an L or T shape during a level.
  • Light Ball :- Combine five tiles of the same color in a line during a level.

In-Game Boosters

when you are stuck on a level at that time in-game boosters very useful. In-game boosters you get them as a reward for completing specific levels, and as part of the treasure chests you get when completing an area.

  • Royal Hammer :- Destroys one tile or obstacle of your choice.
  • Arrow :- Clears one entire row of your choice.
  • Cannon :- Clears one entire column of your choice.
  • Jester Hat :- Shuffles all tiles on the board.

To find out the best boosters for you, try all possible boosters in game and decide based on your game style & experience.

Boosters Power-up Combinations

Combining power-ups creates a bigger explosion and helps you clear more tiles.

  • Rocket + Rocket clears the row and the column of that tile.
  • Rocket + TNT clears three rows and three columns of that tile.
  • TNT + TNT clears the items within a four-tile radius.
  • Propeller + Propeller creates three Propellers that clear three random game elements. When taking off, Propellers also clear neighboring tiles.
  • Propeller + Rocket or TNT makes the Propeller carry the TNT or Rocket along with it to a random tile. When taking off, the Propeller combination also clears neighboring tiles.
  • Light Ball + Rocket or TNT or Propeller makes the Light Ball turn the most common colored items on the board into a RocketTNT, or Propeller.
  • Light Ball + Light Ball clears all the items on the board, and it also clears one layer from any game element.

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