Royal Match Royal Pass Guide

This guide will give you information on the Royal Match Royal Pass feature. You’ll learn about the Royal Pass itself, and how to activate it.

Royal Pass feature in Royal Match

Royal Pass is a limited-time feature in Royal Match that is available once you reach Level 37. It begins at the beginning of each month and concludes when the next event begins the following month.

Each step has its own key goal and reward. Completing the levels allows you to gather keys. Hard and Super Hard levels can be used to earned extra keys.

You will be able to save 100 coins for every 10 keys once you have reached Bonus Bank, which you can access after finishing all event stages. 5000 coins are the most that can be stored in the Bonus Bank.

Milestone rewards

Every Royal Pass feature milestone offers both a free and special reward.

  • free rewards – The free rewards can be claimed by collecting keys and unlocking stages.
  • special rewards – By activating the Royal Pass, players will have the opportunity to receive special gifts until the event ends!

Before the start of a new month, any unclaimed awards will be automatically added to your inventory.

How to activate the Royal Pass in Royal Match?

Royal Pass in Royal Match is a paid feature.

To activate Royal Pass, open the Royal Pass feature popup and tap the “Activate” button. Next, tap the “Activate” button and purchase RoyalPass using the In-app purchase option.

In Royal Match, to open the RoyalPass feature popup in the game, tap the golden key event icon in the right sidebar of the home screen.

Once the RoyalPass is activated, players will receive additional exclusive bonuses through the completion of the event. There will be an increase from 5 to 8 lives as the maximum. The user’s name and the profile image frame will be highlighted in gold. The user will send a gift to their teammates.

Note: The activated RoyalPass will be valid only for one event. Once the event ends, the special bonuses will no longer be available.

That concludes the Royal Match Royal Pass event and feature.

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