Royal Match Collection, Cards and Card Set Guide

Royal Match Collection, card and card set guide. You will get detail for what is collection, new cards, tips for complete card sets, card trading and other helpful details.

What is Royal Match collection?

Collection is a time-limited feature royal collection of royal match game. You collect cards to complete sets. Once user advance through the collection, user will get bigger rewards, badges and many more to come while you progress through the levels!

Royal Match Collection

What are cards in Royal Match?

Royal Match cards are collectible different character, items or element from the game. Player collect card by win it in level or by trade/exchange with friends in game. Once user complete card set user will get rewards like, Coins, Boosters.

Cards have rarity, Each card has an amount of stars on it that represents how rare it is. More rare card collect, more bigger rewards.

How to collect card of Royal Match Collection?

Use card packs to gather them from Royal Match Game cards. Card packs can be obtainable through events, tournaments, features, and area chests. Each card pack has its own unique color and shape, depending on the number of cards provided.

How to get free Gold cards in Royal Match?

Golden card is special cards in Royal Match. Gold cards can never be delivered to a friend. Here is useful detail for get free Gold cards in game.

1. Win free Gold card by playing Royal Match

This is straight and best way to get Gold card. Game user play game and complete level, different event and win Gold cards in special area.

2. Get free Gold card by card trading/exchange

Game user can trade or exchange card with other user. so, if your friend have Gold card you can get Gold card from friend by exchange.

3. Get free Gold card from Facebook card trading group

Royal Match trading group exist on Facebook, Where game users offer and ask for required cards. You can join such best groups and check for free Gold card trade.

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