Royal Match Teams Guide (Create, Join and Leave)

Royal Match Teams guide includes FAQs about Teams. How to join or create a Team, How to leave or remove a member, donate Lives and more FAQs answers.

Royal Match Teams guide

Teams feature unlocked after reaching level 20. You can join an existing Team or create your own Team. Team allows you to chat with team members, request lives, play team events and more rewarding things.

To know Royal Match Teams feature better and get common FAQs answers, check out the following section.

How to join a Team in Royal Match?

To join a Team in Royal Match, first you need to Complete 20 level in the game.

Next, join a Team open Teams Bottom tab, join by scrolling through the ‘Teams’ list, by searching for a specific team.

By joining a Royal Match Teams, you can request lives on a time basis, chat with your teammates and participate in team competitions.

How to create a Team in Royal Match?

You can create a Team in Royal Match from the Teams screen. You can create a new team using 100 coins. Also, you need to leave the existing Team, if you are a member of any Team.

Royal Match Teams

To create new Royal Match Team, follow this steps,

  1. Open Teams tab and tap the “Create Team” option.
  2. Add team’s name, profile picture, trophy restriction, team type and more.
  3. Check all details and tap the “Create” button.

In Team, you can have up to 50 members. Next, you can make other team members admins for help.

How to leave a Team in Royal Match?

To leave a Team tap the “Team info” button and then tap “Leave”.

Transfer Team ownership – first make a member an admin in the team. After making admin, make member admin again and your ownership will be transferred.

How to remove a team member in Royal Match?

To remove a team member in royal match, you need Team leaders powers. Team leaders can add or remove users at any point while playing the game.

What is Closed Team and Open Team in Royal Match?

In royal match player creates team using team type wise closed or open.

  • Open Team:- player can join the team at any time if they meet the level requirements.
  • Closed Team:- player should be approved by the team leader to join the team.

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Hope you find this Royal Match Teams guide helpful and get your answer from given FAQs.

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