What to do with Extra Cards in Coin Master

When you play the Coin Master game, you will receive several cards. Extra cards are more common in the game since you frequently receive the same cards. What to do with these Extra Cards in Coin Master because these duplicate cards are not used to complete card sets.

What to do with these Extra Cards in Coin Master?

There are a couple of things you can do with extra cards in Coin Master

1. Trade them for Chests:

Extra Cards in Coin Master

You can choose which of your extra cards you want to trade in for free chests using Coin Master’s “Cards for Chests” function. With the aid of this function, you may exchange unused extra cards for money, bonus spins, and other incentives.

If you want even more cards, more spins, or pet experience, this is a wonderful choice. A chest full of a combination of these rewards can be obtained by trading 75 extra cards. When deciding which cards to trade, consideration is given to each card’s value, as shown by the number of stars on it.

2. Trade them with Friends or Online Communities:

This is an excellent method of obtaining the specific cards required to finish sets. You have two options for trading cards: you can join online card trading groups or deal directly with friends that play Coin Master. Safe dealing is facilitated by an approved Coin Master Card dealing Facebook group.

3. Wait for a Card Boom Event:

Occasionally, Coin Master hosts Card Boom events that are time-limited and award 50% more cards with each chest you unlock. This could be an excellent chance to buy more cards that you require.

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