How to play Team Chest League in Coin Master

Team Chest League is a one-time event in which your team competes with other teams to advance up the league standings. Complete missions with your teammates and fill the Team Chest meter.

How to play Team Chest League?

Team Chest League

Participation requires you to be a member of an active team. If you are not already a member of a team, you can look for one or start your own. Your team will play other teams during the League in an effort to acquire points and move up the leaderboard.

Similar to standard Team Chests, the basic gameplay is still present. The Team Chest can only be unlocked by cooperating with your teammates to finish objectives and fill the progress meter. To help, you can earn stars by participating in raids, attacks, and card collections.

The better the prizes are for everyone on your team at the end of the League, the higher your team places on the leaderboard. These may be better than the prizes from standard Team Chest League.

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