How to do castle of fortune in Coin Master

The Coin Master Castle of Fortune minigame is the subject of this guide. You will learn how to play Castle of Fortune here, along with some helpful hints.

How To Playing Castle of Fortune minigame

Select the appropriate barrel from 4 options to go through the different stages. While 1 barrel hides a foul trap, the other three provide significant rewards that you can gather. Attempt to complete the task and collect each treasure!

  1. When you enter Castle of Fortune, you will notice four intriguing wooden barrels.
  2. Choose one barrel. It can contain: Rewards include coins, shields, and power-ups to help you progress.
  3. Trap: This will finish your run unless you spend Coins or Gems to continue.
  4. Continue picking barrels and earning rewards until you reach the end or encounter a trap.

Important Tips for Castle:

  • If you’re happy with the prizes you’ve won, use the “Quit and Collect” game option. You will at least receive what you have already earned by doing this.
  • Verify the award you have earned before moving on to the next stage. Based on your needs and the prizes you’ve accrued, take a chance.
  • Avoid inadvertently quitting the game. Before moving on to the next level in Castle of Fortune, you must “Quit and Collect” after finishing the current level. You cannot re-enter the game once you have left it.
  • To advance in the game, use your Gems sensibly depending on potential losses when you discover a dragon trap inside a barrel. Occasionally, losing all rewards is preferable to using up priceless Gems.

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That’s all I have for now. I hope my tutorial and playing suggestions for Coin Master Castle of Fortune minigame are useful.

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