How does Raid Madness work in Coin Master?

The goal of Coin Master’s Raid Madness event is to maximize the loot and rewards you obtain from raids.

Raid Madness Event

Raid Madness is a two-to three-day event that is exclusive to Raid. During this event, each raid on the settlement of another viking (player) brings them one step closer to incredible spoils.

There are several levels to this event, with greater objectives and rewards at each level. Let’s take a look at some amazing aspects of the Coin Master Raid Madness occasion.

Increased Raid Chances: The likelihood of the slot machine landing on the raid symbol typically a piggy bank increases during Raid Madness. This implies that you’ll get more chances to raid the villages of other players to steal their money.

Increased Raid Rewards: Each successful raid will provide you greater loot in addition to more frequent raids. This will greatly increase the amount of resources you collect.

Gathering Pig Symbols: Gathering pig symbols from the slot machine is the main focus of the event. Every pig you gather advances you closer to the event’s milestones.

Event Milestones & Rewards: As you collect pig symbols, you’ll unlock various milestones along the way. Each milestone brings you closer to the ultimate event rewards, which can include spins, cards, and other valuable items.

I hope this Raid Madness advice helps you to increase your prize winnings during the event.

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