Coin Master Cards Boom Event Guide

This guide will provide you with information on the Cards Boom Event. You will learn about the how to activate and how to play.

What is Cards Boom in Coin Master?

The event is relatively easy to understand. For a few hours, you will be able to purchase chests, some containing several million coins and others containing more cards than usual. You’ll find 50% more cards in the wooden, golden, or magical chests.

card boom

How much of a boost?

  • Wooden Chests will give 3 cards (normally 2)
  • Golden Chests will give 6 cards (normally 4)
  • Magical Chests will give 12 cards (normally 8)

Tips for Cards Boom Event:

  • As unlocking chests is essential to this event, it is important to gather a substantial amount of Coins.
  • Give priority to such chests if you’re nearing the completion of a set that will unlock a significant reward.
  • Golden and Magical Chests are more likely to include rare cards, which will add even more value to your collection, than Wooden Chests, which guarantee a card increase.

If you don’t have enough coins to buy one of these chests during the Cards Boom event, you can pick up a certain amount of Coin Master free spin and coin every day. You can find out what tricks and coins are being offered each day.

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