How does Bet Blast work in Coin Master?

Bet Blast is a limited time event in Coin Master. This event gives the opportunity to win great rewards.

Bet Blast Event

You can double your slot machine earnings during Coin Master’s Bet Blast special event. In basic terms, it’s a method to increase the amount of coin you could win and supercharge your spins.

Bet Blast

Here’s the breakdown:

Increased Bets: You have the option to increase the amount you bet on the slot machine spins during Bet Blast.

Larger Wins: The number of coins you win is multiplied by the selected bet multiplier whenever you hit a winning combination during Bet Blast while a multiplier is active.

Bet Blast incorporates a small amount of strategy into Coin Master. You choose the amount and timing of the bet multipliers. It’s a risk-reward scenario where bigger bets have a higher probability of winning larger sums of money but also a higher chance of losing a larger portion of them.

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