How to solve Hidden Temple in Royal Match

This guide is about the Royal Match Hidden Temple event. Topics covered in the guide are – How to get pickaxes, How to play Hidden Temple, event rewards, tips and best practices.

What is the Hidden Temple event?

Hidden Temple is a time-limited event that consists of 5 steps. Each phase has its own board with incentives. You can use pickaxes to dig the board and locate jewels. You can collect pickaxes by completing levels.

When you find all of the gems on the board of a step, you can finish the gate and receive your benefits before moving on to the next gate. You get extra pickaxes from the Hard and Super Hard stages.

How to play Hidden Temple event?

Playing the Hidden Temple requires a certain level of competence. Reaching level 39 is required for starting your treasure hunt. Once you’ve fulfilled this requirement, follow these steps to get going:

  1. Unlocking the Temple: To start this secret journey, you need to reach Royal Match level 39.
  2. Collecting Pickaxes: As you play more, the prizes increase in value! Pickaxes are necessary for uncovering the hidden gems, and they receive to you after you finish common levels. A larger pickaxe yield is available in harder stages, so push yourself!
  3. Finding the Gems: Go to the part with the Hidden Temple and choose the gate that is now open. Use your pickaxes to cut away at the board to reveal the gems below. Continue digging until you have found every gem on the board.
  4. Recieving Your Prize: You’ve finished the gate when you’ve found every diamond! Reclaim your well-earned awards, which may include fresh items for your royal garden as well as boosters and money.
  5. Going Through the Temple: As you pass through each gate, you’ll get closer to the Hidden Temple’s center and its greater prizes! Keep up the good effort, there are usually 5 gates to get over!

At Last,

Hope you find this royal match Hidden Temple event guide helpful. All the best for this amazing event.

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