How does Super Light Ball work on Royal Match?

Royal Match Super Light Ball Guide includes details about Super Light Ball. Super Light Ball feature detail, how to play tips, required level.

What is the Super Light Ball?

Super Light Ball is a new feature in Royal Match 2023. In the feature, When you activate the Super Light Ball, the Light Ball’s effect will be doubled.

Once you get to the 292nd level, you will be able to access the Super Light Ball function. you must beat 10 levels or rounds.

Super Light Ball won’t go away as long as you don’t fail a level. The Super Light Ball resets itself after a level is lost. To make the Super Light Ball active once more, you must restart and complete 10 levels.

Super Light Ball Combinations

Combining power-ups creates a bigger explosion and helps you clear more tiles.

  • Super Light Ball + Rocket: Converts all of the most and second-most prevalent match objects on the board into Rockets by using the Super Light Ball.
  • Super Light Ball + Propeller: This combination allows the Super Light Ball to transform into Propellers from all of the most and second-most common match items on the board.
  • Super Light Ball + TNT: Super Light Ball plus TNT causes the Super Light Ball to transform into TNTs for every match item on the board that is the most and second most common.
  • Super Light Ball + Super Light Ball clears all the game elements on the board, and also clears two layers from any obstacle.

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