What is the Butler’s Gift in Royal Match?

Royal Match Butler’s Gift guide includes FAQs Butler Gift. How to active butlers gift, what is butlers gift and more FAQs answers.

What is Butler’s Gift?

Butler’s Gift feature unlocked after reach the 32nd level. Butler’s Gift is a three-stage feature that lets players start levels with boosters.

When player complete levels or rounds without losing they receive the butler gift. For every level or round player complete, player will receive free boosters to assist player at the start of a new level.

At the beginning of the next level, players will receive more boosters the more levels they have won in a row.

Butler’s Gift rewards

After completing levels in Butler Gift one after the other, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Level 1: 1 Rocket + 1 Propeller
  • Level 2:  1 Rocket + 1 Propeller + 1 TNT
  • Level 3: 1 Rocket + 1 Propeller + 1 TNT + 1 Light Ball

As long as you don’t fail a level after reaching the maximum level of Butler Gift, you can keep starting new levels with 1 Rocket, 1 Propeller, 1 TNT, and 1 Light Ball.

Note: The Butler’s Gift will reset after a level failure, forcing you to restart the upgrading process.

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