How does the Magic Cauldron work on Royal Match?

Royal Match Magic Cauldron Event Guide includes details about Magic Cauldron event. Event detail, how to play tips, required level and event rewards.

What is the Magic Cauldron Event in Royal Match?

The Magic Cauldron is a new event in Royal Match 2023. Magic Cauldron is a time-limited solo event with 15 steps. Each phase has a unique formula and rewards.

How to play Space Mission Event?

When the event goes live, you must reach level 39 to participate in MagicCauldron. You must collect elixirs by beating levels. Using elixirs, you can find the correct formula and get rewards. When all of the elixirs are combined into the correct formula, the next stage will be unlocked.

When you find the correct formula for a step, you receive the corresponding reward and proceed to the next cauldron. Players get more elixirs by completing Hard and Super Hard levels.

When MagicCauldron is finished, you will have one final opportunity to spend your elixirs. If you exit Magic Cauldron, you will lose your elixirs.

Note: After completing all steps and claiming rewards, the event ends and the icon disappears from the homepage.

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