How to play Arena of Warriors event in coin master

The Arena of Warriors new feature event is covered in detail in the Coin Master event guide. Event specifics, level criteria, gameplay advice, and rewards.

How to play Arena of Warriors?

Coin Master selects a deserving warrior (opposite player) for you and initiates a battle when the Arena of Warriors event is active.

To begin fighting, you must next open the Arena of Warriors event window and tap the “Let’s Battle” button.

Winning the battle:

  • Destroying your opponent’s health bar will need you to carry out missions like raids or attacks.
  • You can determine which moves work best against your opponent by looking at the information icon.
  • To win the battle, you must empty your opponent’s health bar before they do the same or before the timer goes out.

Progress and lives:

  • You move up the event leaderboard with each win, opening up higher rewards.
  • You lose a life when you lose a battle.
  • There’s a certain amount of lives you have. If you run out, you can buy more or wait for the timer to reload them.

Because the Arena of Warriors is an event, its availability can change. To find out if the event is still going on, look for the banner in Coin Master.

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