How does Thor Wheel work on Coin Master?

This post provides an overview of the Coin Master Thor Wheel event, including Thor Wheel rewards, Coins, and where to find the event.

How To Play Thor Wheel?

Thor Wheel

At village level 90+, this Thor Wheel feature is accessible. To access the Thor Wheel while the event is in progress, just click the badge on the Main Screen. On the Daily Bonus Wheel screen, you can also do this in the lower right corner.

Thor’s Wheel requires Tokens, a unique currency, as opposed to the daily spin, which uses Spins or Coins. These purple tokens, adorned with a golden lightning bolt, stand for the might of Thor.

Earning Thor Wheel Tokens:

There are two ways you can get more Tokens:

  1. Take part in the current Thor event in an active way. This could be finishing missions such as spinning, raids, or gathering sets of cards.
  2. Occasionally, the “Offers” area of the game will allow you to purchase Tokens.

Thor Wheel Rewards:

  • There are several thrilling rewards available on the Thor, but one that stands out in particular is the purple-highlighted ultimate prize.
  • Coins, Coin Master chests, XP potions, and even the highly popular Joker Cards are among the items you can win.
  • Every reward is limited to one collection per user. To make it easier for you to concentrate on what is still accessible, the wheel conveniently grays out claimed rewards.
  • The wheel resets and shows a new wheel with possibly even better prizes after you land on the grand prize!
  • A progress bar may appear at the bottom of the Thor Wheel screen during specific events. This meter fills up and more rewards become available when certain tasks, such raids or spins, are completed.

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