How to Play and Win Viking Quest in Coin Master

The origin of all Coin Master adventures is Viking Quest. It was, and still is, a chance to win a significant number of spins.

What is Viking Quest in Coin Master?

Within the Coin Master game comes a minigame called Viking Quest. Instead of using Coin Master spins, players can use the Viking Spinner by using Viking game coins. The event is only scheduled for one or two days (26, 36, or 48 hours).

Viking Quest

But before you start Viking Quest you need to be fully stacked; Coins and Spins. Get your daily free spins here!

You must finish ten missions in the event in order to get the fantastic rewards. You bet using the coins you have earned throughout the game when you spin the wheel.

Coin Master Viking split up into 10 different missions, each with a prize. In Viking Quest, players can win gold cards, rewards, and grand prizes.

Each mission you finish earns you a little prize. Every task is little more difficult to do than the last, but the payoff is also slightly better.

The final Viking Quest quest is the hardest to complete, but in reward you’ll receive a fresh gold card and a large stack of spins.

The Viking Quest event has a new feature that lets you select the level you want to play.

option is now available in Viking Quest as well. Huge, Medium, and Small were your options. This is a connection to the event’s rewards.

It’s possible to win two gold cards in the medium event. Halfway through the event, there will be one and a new one for sure in the last objective. In the huge level you can win three gold cards.

Coin Master players get Viking Quest at village level 50. Thus, the first thing to do if you don’t have Viking Quest on Coin Master is check the village level.

Tips & Tricks for Coin Master Viking Quest

Regular mission:

  • Raise or lower your bet wisely.
  • Raise the bet with good wins.

Bonus Wheel mission:

  • Bonus wheel doesn’t come too often you will start playing at the lowest bet. After like 12 to 20 bets (you find out what works best for you) you up the amount to maximum.
  • play at minimum bet until you get 3 hearts, than set at maximum bet and go until you reach the bonus wheel.

The best practices and easy tricks shown above can help you win Coin Master Viking Quest and earn more rewards.

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