Dice Dreams Dream Pass Event guide

The Dice Dreams Dream Pass Event are covered in this guide. You will get knowledge regarding the Dream Pass, the Dream Pass Event, and the Golden Ticket activation process.

How To Play Dream Pass Event in Dice Dreams?

Dream Pass

The Dice Dreams Dream Pass event is a time-limited offer. You must finish missions that are specific to you and collect points in order to receive milestone rewards in the event. Here’s how to play:

  1. The Dream Pass Event isn’t always available. Check Dice Dreams to see if the event banner is visible.
  2. If the event is ongoing, you will receive a new set of missions.
  3. These missions could include actions you’ve already taken in the game, such as attack, raid or collecting cards.
  4. As you finish missions, you will move down a track with rewards.
    • free rewards – Available on milestones achieved.
    • premium rewards – Get by by purchasing and activating Golden ticket (Paid).
  5. To unlock those rewards, focus on accomplishing the tasks.
  6. By diligently completing tasks, you can reach the end of the track and collect the final prize!

How to activate the Golden Ticket

To activate Golden Ticket, open the DreamPass event window and select the “Golden Ticket” button. Next, tap the “Activate” button for buying Golden Ticket using the in-app purchase option.

That concludes the Dice Dreams DreamPass event and feature.

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