Free Energy Galore: How to Use the Time Fountain in Family Island

Family Island is an intriguing mobile game in which players manage resources, build structures, and complete tasks to create their own paradise island.

To advance in the game, players must maintain a constant supply of energy. Using the Time Fountain is one technique to gain additional energy on Family Island.

On this article, we’ll look at how to use the Time Fountain on Family Island to acquire free energy.

Time Fountain in Family Island

What is the Time Fountain?

The Time Fountain is a feature in Family Island that allows players to obtain free energy by viewing advertisements.

The Time Fountain is located on the left side of the screen, beside the quest log. To obtain free energy, utilise the Time Fountain once per hour.

How to Use the Time Fountain

To utilise the Time Fountain, simply touch on it when it appears. You will then be shown an advertisement to view.

After watching the advertisement, you will gain free energy that you may use to fulfil activities on your island.

Maximizing Your Free Energy

To get the most free energy from the Time Fountain, make sure to use it every hour. You can also connect your game to Facebook to get an additional free energy boost.

Finally, make sure to watch the entire ad to get the most free energy.

Other Ways to Get Free Energy

There are more methods to gain free energy on Family Island besides utilising the Time Fountain.

You may acquire free energy through completing tasks, levelling up your character, and opening treasures.

You may also solicit assistance from your neighbours, which may result in free energy rewards.

Finally, the Time Fountain is a useful item in Family Island that may help you obtain extra free energy. You may maximise the quantity of free energy you obtain by utilising the Time Fountain every hour, connecting to Facebook, and viewing the full commercial. You should be able to maintain your island growing and progressing in no time if you follow these guidelines!

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