The Ultimate Guide to Collecting Rubies in Family Island

In Family Island, rubies are a precious money that may be used to speed up activities, purchase supplies, and unlock new features.

However, rubies can be difficult to obtain, and many players struggle to accumulate enough of them. In this article, we’ll go over several strategies and methods for collecting rubies on Family Island.

Strategies for collecting rubies in Family Island.

1. Complete Quests:

Completing quests is one of the simplest ways to obtain rubies in Family Island. Quests are duties assigned to you by various people in the game, and they frequently reward you with rubies.

Some quests may require you to complete specific tasks or reach specific milestones, so read the instructions carefully and finish the quests as soon as possible.

2. Trade with Other Players:

Another excellent approach to obtain rubies in Family Island is to trade with other players. You may exchange your acquired resources or goods for rubies.

You can visit other players’ islands to determine whether they require any of the resources you have.

If you have additional resources, you can trade them for rubies. This is a fantastic method to help other players while still earning rubies.

3. Watch Advertisements:

Family Island, you can also earn rubies by watching advertisements. When you see a ruby icon in the top left corner of your screen, it signifies you may earn rubies by watching an advertising.

Each advertising typically awards one ruby, however you can watch many adverts every day to accumulate extra rubies.

4. Participate in Events:

Events are another excellent method to accumulate rubies in Family Island. Events are frequently hosted on a regular basis and offer a variety of challenges and tasks for players to fulfil.

You can win rubies by completing the event’s activities and challenges. Events are also a terrific chance to meet new people and win prizes.

5. Purchase Rubies:

If you run out of rubies, you can always buy more with real money. Rubies may be purchased at the game store, with pricing varying based on your region.

However, buying rubies is not required, and you can play the game without spending any money.

Finally, rubies are an important currency in Family Island, and they can be difficult to obtain. You may acquire enough rubies to unlock additional features and speed up chores by completing missions, trading with other players, viewing advertising, participating in events, and purchasing rubies. Best wishes on your hunt for rubies on Family Island!

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