From Novice to Expert: Resource Locations in Family Island

Family Island is a fun and addicting game in which players must create their own island paradise. To advance in the game, players must acquire resources such as wood, stone, and food.

We’ll look at where to discover Resource Locations on Family Island in this beginner’s guide.

Resource Locations in Family Island

1. Trees and Plants

Wood is a fundamental resource in Family Island, and it is used to construct structures and furnishings on your island.

Trees and plants may be found by exploring your island or visiting neighbouring islands. Simply tapping on a tree or plant will cause your character to start cutting it down.

You may also harvest fruits and vegetables from plants to utilise as a source of food.

2. Rocks and Minerals

Stone and iron, for example, are key materials for building and upgrading structures on your island. These resources can be found by exploring your island or visiting neighbouring islands.

To acquire rocks and minerals, touch on the deposit and your character will start mining.

3. Water and Seafood

Water and fish are valuable resources on Family Island. Water may be collected from wells or by constructing a water pump on your island.

You may get seafood by fishing in the ocean or visiting nearby islands. To catch fish, tap the water to cast your line, then tap again to reel in the fish after it bites.

4. Trading with Neighbors

Finally, you may trade with your neighbours to get resources that you might not be able to discover on your own island. Tap on their boat when it comes on your island to swap resources.

Finally, Family Island provides a range of resources to acquire, which may be discovered via exploring your island, visiting other islands, fishing in the ocean, and trading with your neighbours. With this beginner’s guide, you should have a solid grasp of where to find and how to acquire resources on Family Island.

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