Match Masters Boosters: Beginner to Expert Comprehensive

Boosters are essential in Match Masters for giving players an advantage over their opponents and winning. These potent gameplay improvements have the capacity to change the course of a game and produce tactical victories. This comprehensive guide will provide you a detailed overview of Match Masters boosters, their effects, and how they can improve your gameplay, whether you’re a novice hoping to grasp the boosters available or an experienced player looking to enhance your knowledge.

Match Masters Boosters

1. Extra Moves:

By giving you more moves throughout a battle with the Extra Moves booster, you may play more strategically and string together lengthier matches. It offers adaptability and the chance to carry out intricate maneuvers to trick your adversaries.

2. Color Bomb:

When activated, the Color Bomb booster produces a tremendous explosion. It can be matched with any color to remove all the tiles of that color from the board, which could set off a series of matches and result in large point gains. A losing situation can be quickly turned into a winning one thanks to color bombs, which are game-changers.

3. Power Gems:

Power Gems are extraordinary gems that, when combined, have exceptional abilities. Making a match with them or using other boosters on them will activate them. Power Gems have a variety of effects, from eradicating rows or columns to obliterating adjacent tiles. Use them wisely to build strong chain reactions and thwart your opponent’s strategy.

4. Wild Card:

The versatile Wild Card booster can be used with any gem on the board. It functions as a wildcard and enables you to find matches that you otherwise couldn’t. When arranging large moves and devising intricate combinations, the Wild Card can be a useful tool.

5. Gem Swapper:

Even if the exchange doesn’t result in a match, the Gem Swapper booster still allows you to move two gems about the board. This booster gives you more control over the board layout when organizing future matches. It assists you in placing gems in the best possible combinations to obtain an advantage.

6. Block Breaker:

This booster lets you remove particular tiles or impediments from the board. It enables you to remove obstacles that can stand in your way, make matches in difficult-to-reach places, or deliberately construct new paths for subsequent moves.

7. Score Multiplier:

The Score Multiplier booster boosts the points obtained from games played during a particular time frame. By turning it on, you increase your scoring potential and are able to rack up points quickly and earn high scores.

8. Time Extender:

By adding extra seconds to the game timer, the Time Extender booster gives you more time to plan your strategy and take action. When the clock is ticking down, it might be a game-saving boost that allows you to win the game.

9. Magic Wand:

To get rid of a specific gem from the board, use the Magic Wand booster. It enables you to carefully remove a gem that might be impeding your progress or preventing a match. You have influence over the board when you use the Magic Wand, and you can open up possibilities for smart movements.

10. Super Matcher:

The Super Matcher booster improves a certain gem’s or color’s capacity for matching. When activated, it raises the likelihood that a match will be made with that specific gem or color, creating opportunities for potent combos and cascades.


Gaining mastery and winning more matches requires knowledge of and skill in the use of the many boosters offered in Match Masters. Each booster has a distinct impact and tactical benefit that can tip the scales in your favor. To outwit your opponents, try out various combinations, come up with innovative ideas, and utilize these boosters to their full potential. Each booster, from Extra Moves and Color Bombs to Wild Cards and Super Matchers, adds to the fun and strategy of the game.

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