How to Earn More Monopoly Go Dice: Maximizing Your Gameplay

The traditional board game experience is now at your fingertips thanks to the well-known smartphone app Monopoly Go. The standard Monopoly game only comes with two dice, but Monopoly Go adds more to the gameplay and opens up a new level of cunning. This article will walk you through numerous strategies to maximize your dice collection so you can outscore your opponents and acquire more Monopoly Go dice.

How to Earn More Monopoly Go Dice

1. Daily Rewards:

By taking advantage of the daily login prizes, you can play Monopoly Go with more dice in a very simple manner. This function is included in a lot of game apps to promote ongoing play. You can earn more dice as part of your daily incentives by signing in each day. Even if you don’t have time to play, make it a habit to open the Monopoly Go app every day so you may collect your rewards and gradually build up your dice count.

2. Achievements and Challenges:

Players that play Monopoly Go might frequently work to complete a variety of goals and tasks. These goals could be achieving particular benchmarks, winning a certain amount of games, or purchasing certain properties. You can obtain additional dice as rewards by proactively pursuing these accomplishments and challenges. To learn what tasks you can complete to expand your dice collection, check the app’s achievement section or in-game alerts.

3. In-App Purchases:

The most typical way to get dice is through games, but some players could want a faster option. In-app purchases for additional dice may be available in Monopoly Go. Since choosing this choice often entails spending actual money, take your spending plan into account before choosing. However, in-app purchases can be a good option if you want to advance more quickly and increase your dice collection.

4. Events and Promotions:

Watch out for special deals and events on the Monopoly Go app. Time-limited events that provide players the chance to get bonus dice are frequently included by developers. You may need to take part in particular game modes, get stellar scores, or finish predetermined chores in order to qualify for these events. You can earn extra dice as rewards and improve your gaming experience by actively taking part in these activities.

5. Social Sharing and Inviting Friends:

Through rewards for sharing progress or inviting friends to participate, Monopoly Go might encourage social interaction. Verify the app’s bonus policies to see if you may earn extra rewards for linking your social networking accounts, posting your accomplishments, or inviting friends. You might perhaps gain extra dice and have a more cooperative game experience with your pals by making use of your social networks.


A larger collection of Monopoly Go dice can greatly improve your games and boost your chances of winning. You can gradually increase the number of dice you own by using the numerous strategies described in this article, including daily awards, achievements, in-app purchases, events, and social sharing. These strategies will also enable you to unlock new gaming possibilities. Keep in mind to search the Monopoly Go app for specific chances and to keep up with any new features or events the developers may bring. So, throw some dice, plan your movements, and savor the immersive Monopoly Go environment!