Elden Ring Armor: The Best Defense

Elden Ring Armor Guide includes details about Armor. You will learn about the how to get, type of armor, set of armor.

You’ll need both weaponry expertise and a well-thought-out defense if you want to survive in Elden Ring harsh environment. This guide will explore the region of Elden Ring armor, assisting you in determining which piece best suits your playstyle and defeating all opponents.

Best Elden Ring Armor

In Elden Ring, armor is divided into 4 type such as Helms, Chest Armor, Gauntlets, and Leg Armor. Elden Ring armor comes in various weights, each offering distinct advantages and drawbacks.

Gamers can wear various parts from different sets or a complete set of the same armor, but if every piece is from the same set, they will not receive an extra benefit. This implies that the player won’t have to worry about set benefits and can freely customize their armor to suit their needs.

Popular Elden Ring Armor Sets

RankArmor Set NameWeightTradable
1Bull-Goat Set63Yes
2Cleanrot Set35.7No
3Radahn’s Set24.7No
4Malenia’s Set20.5Yes
5Blaidd’s Set32.7No
6Carian Knight Set25.1Yes
7Lionel’s Set50.5Yes
8Banished Knight Set41.6Yes
9Tree Sentinel Set45Yes
10Raging Wolf Set24.2No

Choosing the Right Armor Set

Beyond weight class, each armor piece has its own defensive stats:

  • Physical Defense: Reduces damage from standard attacks.
  • Fire/Magic/Lightning Defense: Reduces damage from elemental attacks.
  • Immunity: Negates build-up of status effects like poison or scarlet rot.
  • Poise: Helps resist enemy attacks and maintain your own attacks.

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