What is Treasure Hunt in Dice Dreams?

Here you will know about Dice Dreams Treasure Hunt, how to unlock chests with a special key and about Treasure Cave chests rewards.

What is Dice Dreams Treasure Hunt?

Treasure Hunt in Dice Dreams is a mini game, which is available for a limited time period. This Treasure Hunt mini game gives you an opportunity to win major free rewards.

Players use moves like Attack, Steal, and Fight to fill their potion bottles throughout this event. Click the “?” sign in the upper right corner of the Trail event to see which activities in the current event earn you liquid to fill your bottle.

Every filled bottle equates to a Pick, enabling players to reveal a secret treasure vault at random.

Every level has a unique treasure that must be found in order for players to advance to the next one and earn the benefits that are shown at the top of the screen. In order to receive the Final Bonus Prize, players need to finish a certain amount of stages.

Treasure Hunt chests rewards

There are three possibilities for rewards, when you open them. Empty, rewards and unique treasure item.

Empty give nothing, reward gives different rewards and unique treasure item will allow you to move on to the next level. In the next level, you get a chance to win more rewards.

In Treasure Hunt, if you get all unique treasure item and complete all levels, then you will get grand prize.

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