What is virtual world games

Hello friends, do you know what virtual reality or virtual world is and how it works? If you do not know, then we will tell you in easy language what virtual reality is, how it works, what its history is, and what its types are.

What is virtual reality world games

Friends, you must have heard about virtual reality games and VR games. Through computer software and hardware, you take yourself into the world, and it gives you the experience of being yourself. You can also act and react through virtual reality, from which you get a live view in front of you. You Can Go, Do Anything, you can swim, You can drive.

History of virtual reality

The first virtual reality was obtained from the Sensorama device in 1956. Sensorma takes you to another world. The Sensorma is considered to be a great achievement in virtual reality. After that, till 2022, many virtual reality devices were made, such as

The Head Sight System (1961),

The Ultimate Display (1965),

First Force Fedback system (1967),

The Sayre Gloves (1977),

Visual Cockpit (1987),

Sega VR head set (1990),

Google Street View (2007)

Types of virtual reality

  • Immersive
  • Desktop VR
  • Projection VR
  • Augmented Reality

Uses of Virtual Reality

Education field :-  Used to teach difficult, complicated and risky disciplines.
Medical field :- Perform virtual operation.
Military field :- Conduct maneuvers on the virtual battlefield.
Fashion field :- To make art or buildings feel like reality. 
Games or Entertainment field :- From watching 3D movies, racing games to playing HD games, etc.

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