What are Bingo Calls? in Bingo Blitz

“Bingo Calls” refer to the specific numbers that are called out during a game. These numbers are chosen randomly, and players must mark off any numbers that appear on their bingo card in order to try to complete a line and win the game.

In traditional bingo games, numbers are called out by a caller, who reads them aloud for players to hear and mark on their cards. But in Bingo Blitz, the numbers are called out automatically, and players will see them appear on screen.

Bingo calls in Bingo Blitz can also include special “bonus numbers” or “power-up numbers” which can help players earn extra coins, bonuses or power-ups that can aid to win a bingo faster.

Overall, Bingo Calls in Bingo Blitz are an essential part of the game and players must pay attention to them to have a chance to win.

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