Merchant Madness Event Coin Master (Things to Know)

The Coin Master the Merchant Madness Event are covered in this guide. You will get knowledge regarding the Marchant Madness event.

What is the Merchant Madness Event?

During the brief Merchant Madness event, you can accomplish tasks to win unique prizes. These missions may entail a variety of in-game actions, such as upgrading your village, attacking the settlements of other players, or gathering stars from spinning.

How to play:

  • To view the missions, click the Merchant Madness badge located on the side of your screen.
  • These tasks will probably require you to use your pets, attack other players’ towns, or gather stars for your own village.
  • To get the unique event currency, do the missions.
  • When you have enough currency, go to the Madness Merchant to exchange it for coins and spins.

I hope this helps you conquer the Merchant Madness Event!

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