How To Play Free Fire Mobile Game

Free Fire can be downloaded on mobile devices through the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android). You can also download it on PC by using an android emulator such as BlueStacks. Once you have downloaded an android emulator, you can search for Free Fire on the google play store and install it.

How To Play

You will need to first download the game on your mobile device or PC using an android emulator.

  1. Once the game is installed, open it and create an account or log in with an existing account.
  2. Once you are logged in, you will be taken to the main menu where you can choose to play solo, duo, or squad mode.
  3. You will start on a plane and will parachute down to a deserted island. Your goal is to be the last person or team alive while eliminating other players.
  4. You will have to find weapons, equipment, and medical supplies while avoiding getting killed.
  5. You can move around the map by using the joystick on the left side of the screen and look around by moving your device or by using the right joystick.
  6. You can aim and shoot by using the right side of the screen.
  7. You can also use vehicles to move around the map quickly.
  8. You can hide in buildings or other structures to avoid being seen by other players.
  9. You can play with your friends by joining a squad and play together.

It’s a Battle Royale game, so you will have to survive in the island by fighting with other players till the end.