How to get free Bingo Blitz Credits?

Use Credits to Buy BINGO Cards.

There are a best 7 ways to get free credits in Bingo Blitz even after you run out of your daily credits.

  1. Daily Bonus: The game offers a daily bonus to players who log in every day. This bonus increases as you log in consecutively.
  2. Bonus Game: Every 4 hours, players can spin the bonus wheel and win free coins, credits and more
  3. Level-Up Bonus: Players will earn free credits as they level up by playing games.
  4. Room Bonuses: Each room in the game has its own bonus round, and by participating in this round, players can earn free credits.
  5. Complete achievements: By completing various achievements in the game, players can earn free credits as a reward.
  6. Participate in events and promotions: Bingo Blitz frequently runs special events and promotions that give players the opportunity to earn free credits and other rewards by completing certain tasks or reaching certain milestones.
  7. Watch videos: Some of the in-game offers like daily spins, might require watching videos to get the credits, it’s just a quick and easy way to earn extra coins or credits.

Keep in mind, that some of these options might have a limit in the number of times you can claim them in a day, and some of these options might require you to connect your account to a social media account.

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