Coin Master – Treasure Cave

In Coin Master, the Treasure Cave is a special feature that allows players to earn bonuses and rewards by raiding and looting treasure chests. To access the event, players will need to have a certain number of cards, which can be obtained by spinning the slot machine or by trading with other players.

When a player enters the Treasure Cave, they will have a chance to raid and loot treasure chests. The treasure chests can contain coins, bonuses, or rare cards. The number of chests that can be raided in the cave is limited, and the contents of the chests will change each time the player enters the cave. The player can also earn coins by looting the chest, and some of the treasure chest may contains a high amount of coins

Players will also be able to earn bonuses by completing certain objectives in the Treasure Cave. These objectives can include things like raiding a certain number of chests, finding a rare card, or earning a certain amount of coins.

Keep in mind that raiding other player’s village may also help you earn cards, which is one of the way to access the event. Some events in the game also might give you the opportunity to get treasure chests or have a way to access the cave for a limited time.

It’s important to note that the treasure cave is a randomized feature and it may not be available to all players all the time. To know if the cave is open or closed, you should check the in-game menu.

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